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Peace Lutheran Church Family Promise July 14-28, 2019

Peace Lutheran Church Family Promise July 14-28, 2019

About this Meal Train Plus

Peace Lutheran Church will be hosting 2 consecutive weeks this round with Family Promise from July 14 - 28, 2019. Currently we have 2 families, one new family of mother and 16 year old son, other family is mother and her daughter (14) & son (12). So at anytime we can have another new family added! We will update you as soon as we know anything from Family Promise regarding the number of family members joining us. Remember that each of the host positions (dinner, evening, overnight) require two people to fill. If you are only one person wanting to sign up in a slot, please do so but indicate that you are only one person and not a couple. If you are preparing part of a meal, remember to always add 2 hosts to your headcount for any meal and services during Family Promise week, as we always provide for the volunteers along with the families. Additionally, please add a comment of what food or side dish or dessert you are bringing when you sign up for a meal. It is so helpful, so that we can avoid overlap of the sames kinds of food for the families.

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