Meal Train Plus for

Peace Lutheran Church Family Promise July 14-28, 2019


Family Promise Update

Posted 07/16/2019 by Maren Snyders

Greetings Everyone! We are rockin and rolling for 2 full weeks of great hosting for 2 families! Currently we have 2 Moms and 3 teenagers ages 13, 14, 16 that are staying with us. There is the potential for a 3rd family to enter the program over the next 2 weeks and if that happens, you will be updated via email. For meal preparers, plan on feeding 7 adults (5 family members + 2 dinner hosts) The majority of the volunteers spots are filled but we do have some vacancy with Dinner and Evening Hosts, specifically on the following dates if you are at all able to help fill one more spot for this marathon event! Friday 7/19: Dinner and Evening Host Sunday 7/21: Dinner, Evening, Overnight Host Wednesday 7/24: Overnight Host Thank you all for your generosity in helping to pull off back to back hosting weeks! We so value the kind and giving hearts in our church members! God's peace to you all,


BIG News for Family Promise Host Week

Posted 07/03/2019 by Maren Snyders

Greetings to All ~ As we were preparing to launch the preparation for Week 2 of Family Promise Hosting, we were presented with a request from the FP Program Coordinator, "Would we consider hosting a second consecutive week following our July 14-21 week?" A quick survey of some members involved in this ministry produced an emphatic, "Yes, we can!" The enthusiasm is contagious as we are putting together not 1, but 2, weeks worth of volunteer opportunities and are excited to see God put together another amazing team to serve our community's most vulnerable. The MealTrain calendar is ready to go with both weeks, July 14-29 (the families will actually not leave until Monday the 29th). So if you are able, please consider selecting a meal or task for each week. As always, the first ones to the calendar have the most options, so log on and take a look at where you would like to help out. As we humbly remember that we are Saved to Serve, let us embrace this doubling of our commitment as an opportunity for victory in Jesus' name. Any questions, please email or call me at (208)818-7055. In His Love, Maren Snyders


Update on Families for Next Week

Posted 05/03/2019 by Maren Snyders

Good News! A 3rd family has joined Family Promise for our host week starting this Sunday. That will be a total of 5 adults and 5 children, so if you are bringing food items, please adjust your quantity accordingly. If you are bringing part of a meal, plan on feeding 12 people as the dinner hosts dine with the families. One daughter will only be there Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday so there will be one less to feed on Mon, Tues, Fri, and Saturday. We are looking forward to a great week and thank you in advance for your help! Maren


Family Promise Update for May 5-12

Posted 04/24/2019 by Maren Snyders

Hello all Great FP Volunteers! We have news to share with you regarding the families that will be coming in to our church May 5-12. Currently, we have 2 families. The first is Mom & Dad, with children ages 12, 7, and 1. The second family is Mom & Dad with a 2 year old. There is the possibility that a 3rd family could enroll between now and May 5th but we will plan for these 2 families until we hear otherwise. If you are providing part of a meal, plan for approximately 9 people as we feed the dinner hosts along the families. We are happy to report that a good majority of the volunteer spots have been filled, but would like bring to everyone's attention a few critical remaining spots: 1. Friday Evening Meal 2. Friday Dinner Hosts, Evening Hosts and Overnight Hosts 3. Saturday Breakfast 4. Saturday Breakfast Hosts 5. Saturday Evening Hosts and Overnight Hosts Some of our volunteers are already pulling double duty to get as many spots filled as possible, so if you know of ANYONE that may be interested in helping us out, please encourage them to consider signing up on MealTrain. They can also call myself at (208) 818-7055 or Jolene (208) 818-6286 to sign up. Just a note for future reference: our second Family Host Week will be July 14-22. With the warmer weather, we are so excited to open our church home to these families who can play out on the grass and feel that our home is their home too. Thank you all for serving, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. In His Love, Maren and Jolene


Training This Sunday

Posted 04/05/2019 by Maren Snyders

After a several month break, we are gearing up to once again engage in our fabulous Family Promise Ministry with our first host week of 2019 happening next month! In preparation for a new year of hosting, Family Promise staff will be joining us following church this Sunday to educate, answer questions, and conduct volunteer training. They will complete an informal program during fellowship hour with the Training portion immediately following. There will be a light lunch served to those of you who are willing to stay through the training. We hope to be wrapped up no later than 1:00pm. You may be thinking that you've been involved in FP for a while now and training is redundant. We would like you to consider otherwise for a couple of reasons: it demonstrates support for new volunteers that are just engaging in this ministry and a refresher never hurts anyone especially if policies and procedures are updated. Plus, it's free food!!!! Please consider spending an extra hour with us on Sunday to enhance our preparedness for our hosting weeks. Thank you!


2018 & 2019 PLC Family Promise Host Weeks

Posted 11/30/2018 by Jolene Pooley

To PLC Family Promise Volunteers: Monday, 6:00 p.m. December 3rd meeting at PLC! This is a time to review the four 2018 Hosted weeks and to preview the four 2019 Hosting scheduled weeks! We will look back over the 2018 Family Promise hosted weeks to hear some stats and to see if there is something for us to improve. Regarding 2019 we will review the schedule and share ideas of how we can inform and encourage our congregation and our friends and family to volunteer either at home or at the church building. Also to schedule a Family Promise staffed "Volunteer Orientation" at PLC, as we have new volunteers and anticipate more! Please have the time to come Monday, Dec. 3rd at 6:00 p.m. PLC Your attendance is greatly appreciated. Place these 2019 Family Promise Host Weeks on your calendar, so while you are doing your year's scheduling you can be prepared to volunteer. February 24-March 3 May 5 - 12 September 15 - 22 October 20 - 27 Thank you, Hope to see you Monday night! Jolene Pooley


Family Promise Meeting for all Volunteers Thurs. Oct. 4th 6pm

Posted 10/03/2018 by Jolene Pooley

All Volunteers you are invited and encouraged to come to our annual planning meeting. This is the time of year when we review the year, share moments/experiences, highlight Family Promise protocols and to prepare our 2019 FP calendar host week choices. We hope you can come as you are a valuable volunteer! Truly each one of you is God's blessed gift to the PLC/Family Promise ministry and the families/guests we serve in Christ's love. See you Thursday evening at the PLC/FP sharing and planning time!!?? Any questions/comments, contact me call or text 208-818-6286. So sorry this is last minute of being informed. I forgot to send out email, my fault and regrets. Still hoping you can make it! Very thankful for you, Jolene


1 week till the October 7-14 Host Week!

Posted 09/29/2018 by Jolene Pooley

Family Promise Volunteers, our Oct. week is needing some more sign-ups. I'm bringing it to your attention, so that you can Mealtrain sign-up. Sunday I'm distributing to the congregation the remaining available host volunteer positions, along with the Volunteer Orientation info. And to let them know "Hosting" is not the only way to serve in the fp ministry as there are "at-home" opportunities to help the homeless families. Many of you have already signed-up, so I thank you so very much for scheduling fp into your busy life. Date/Time Host Volunteer Position Oct. 10 Wednesday Dinner Host 5 – 7 pm (need 1, to host with Vivian) Oct. 11th Thursday Evening Host 7 – 9 pm Oct. 12th Friday Evening Host 7 – 9 pm Oct. 12th Friday Overnight Host 9 pm – 7 am Oct. 13th Saturday Breakfast & Host 7:30am – 9:30am Oct. 13th Saturday Evening Host 7 – 9pm Oct. 13th Saturday Overnight Hosts 9pm – 7:30 am A sweet awesome thank you to the Helgeson's and Wardlow's for doing double duty last week covering for Maren! To Maren our sincere sympathy at the loss of sweet big doggy Greta, saying Goodbye onto Heaven to play with Emit. Thank you to each and everyone of you, as you are special to have the "spirit" to love the homeless. Jolene 208-818-6286


Family Promise Volunteer Orientation, Sunday, Sept. 30, 11:15 a.m.

Posted 09/29/2018 by Jolene Pooley

Volunteers, I am leading a short FP Orientation in the Youth Sunday School Classroom after church on this Sunday. We have 4 households/7 people whom need to complete a required Family Promise Volunteer Application and signing the "Dignity & Respect Code" the "Confidentiality Policy", and "Volunteer Agreement" If you do not remember signing these, nor have a copy of them, please stop by or text me, Jolene 208-818-6286. Also, I'd like you to consider inviting someone in church to come hear about Family Promise at the Orientation. It will be a short 30 minutes interesting informal time or you both can come for as long as you can stay! Our volunteer team will increase because of a personal invitation to a friend/acquaintance! And we need more volunteers to help spread the volunteer opportunities to others. Thank you so much for serving homeless families of our community here at our church building home! Thanks for sharing our “home” with others and our “time” with strangers, In God’s Peace, Patience, Grace and Love we serve, Jolene Pooley


MealTrain Sign Ups

Posted 09/03/2018 by Maren Snyders

Greetings everyone! If you haven't noticed already, the MealTrain is ready to sign up for both of our next 2 Host Weeks since they are so close together: September 16-23 and October 7-14. Please know how much we appreciate each and every one of you in the collaboration of pulling off these host weeks - it takes many hands and hearts to care for these families. God Bless your service, Maren


Key code

Posted 08/15/2017 by Maren Snyders

The lock box on the back door is FPM. This is only to be used if you need to get into the church when the church is closed. Thank you!