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Monday 2/22/21 Kimber was getting a scheduled CT scan of her leg to determine how well her bone was healing post surgery . 2/22/21 is also exactly three years of Kimber being Cancer free . That evening her oncologist called to inform us that they discovered a very concerning mass on her leg . The very next day 2/23/21 Kimber got a high contrast MRI and a CT scan of her chest . Today 2/24/21 we learned that Kimber has relapsed not only in her leg but also in her lungs . This is devastating news , Ewing’s sarcoma is an extremely aggressive form of cancer and there is fear that this has possible spread much further. What this means is there is no exact treatment plan protocol moving forward. We have decided that we would like to try and beat the odds and start chemo . Kimber will be getting a PET scan this week and Monday she will be getting a port placed, a multitude of biopsies and start chemo on Monday . What will happen long term depends on how well she responds to chemo . We are raising money to try and help our family maintain our bills while remaining with our daughters during this most difficult time . thank you so much to everyone for your caring and understanding.


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