Fr. Kris

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I am reaching out to the St. Mary’s and St. Augustin’s community to ask for support for Fr. Kris by making him meals as he receives ongoing evaluation and treatment for newly diagnosed cancer. He enjoys cooking, but not having to think about grocery shopping and meal preparation will allow him additional time for rest and recuperation. Kindly review dietary preferences/restrictions. Please plan to deliver meals around lunchtime at his residence at St. Mary’s. Fr. Kris means so much to all of us at St. Mary’s, St. Augustin’s and in the local communities—please also pray for his healing and complete recovery as well as the medical team caring for him. Thank you❤️ **Please leave meals in small refrigerator located in the St. Mary’s breezeway. In the event the breezeway is locked please ring bell at parish center before 3pm and it will be stored in their refrigerator until pick up. Thank you!**

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