Taryn and Scott

About this Meal Train page

Dearest community, Your support and help over the past 3 months have made a world of difference in our new reality as Taryn heals from her surgeries and has been undergoing chemotherapy. She is holding all of these challenges with grace and acceptance. Days are widely variable depending on how she is feeling and the side effects of the chemo. She is resting, getting out for a daily walk, and nourishing her body with the nutritious food provided through this meal train! Scott and Aiden are benefiting from the food immensely as well. Honestly, we couldn't do this without you. Thank you! This month we moved from the 12th Street house to Scott's studio in town. This move will support us in spending more time at our farm in Cottage Grove. The studio is available for chemo recovery and a place to stay in town for doctor's appts, etc. We anticipate spending weekends in Cottage Grove and Mon-Thurs in Eugene. Please note the new address and schedule changes (meals only needed Monday and Thursday evenings). In addition, Taryn signed up to receive meals from Positive Community Kitchen. We were just given an opening this week to start receiving 3 meals every Tuesday night. This is a phenomenal service here in town - check them out and consider volunteering or donating if you are moved by their work. It is absolutely brilliant to provide meals to families with serious illnesses. Nutrition is the most important medicine! All of our love and gratitude, unending and overflowing to everyone riding this train with us! Taryn, Scott & Aiden

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