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This week

Posted 05/13/2019 by Grace Youth of Grace Student Ministries

Hi all! We really need someone to volunteer for a meal this week! Any help is appreciated. Thank you so much! Kelly Stuber


Youth group Meals update

Posted 04/30/2019 by Grace Youth of Grace Student Ministries

Hello Everyone! I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you that have volunteered to make this winter and spring so wonderful for our youth. They have been fed hearty and creative meals every week and so many different groups have pitched in! It has been awesome to see God working through the groups and individuals in our church. So far we've had 12 groups with more than 50 people participating! We have just a few more weeks until summer! Can you believe it? I have opened up the next few weeks on the meal train calendar - May 1 - June 19th. If you haven't had a chance yet to serve or if you would be willing to do one more night, we would appreciate it! Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks, Kelly Stuber & youth group team 509-952-6617


New Meal Opportunities Added for 2019!

Posted 01/03/2019 by Grace Youth of Grace Student Ministries

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for all you have done for our kids :) Kelly Stuber is going to take over as our Meal Ministry Coordinator (MMC) Starting this week and I wanted to help her out get started! WE REALLY NEED THE NEXT 4 WEEKS FILLED TO MAKE HER JOB STRESS FREE! I have opened the next 3 months, so if this month doesn't work for you, please consider another month. We had over 60 people come to our last meeting so things are getting bigger! With that, I am saying we plan to feed 50 instead of 35 now, as numbers tend to ebb and flow :) Final thing, I would really like you to consider eating with our youth and getting to know them when you serve. We had our yearly vision and planning meeting last night and we all saw the need to get youth connected to our church on a deeper level. It starts with genuine relationships that you can provide. Thanks!!!! If you have any Questions, Ask our new MMC, Kelly Stuber!


Meal Train - Grace Youth Group - Fall 2018

Posted 08/29/2018 by Grace Youth of Grace Student Ministries

Well, it is that time of year again. It is hard to believe that summer is over. I hope your summer was as fun-filled as ours. We have some great events planned this fall for our youth. You will notice that there are a few Sunday am and a Sat afternoon meal opportunities. These are breakfast for the Mid High and HS Lock-In and lunch for the Rally in the Valley a HUGE youth event. We also have our weekly meals you can sign up for as a group to provide for our youth group. Please sign up! We really appreciate it and it is so fun to feed these kids! If you have questions - please contact me directly at 509-424-2057 Thank you, Jessica Cavanaugh


Updated Calendar

Posted 03/10/2018 by Grace Youth of Grace Student Ministries

Please sign up to serve a youth meal. We have loved all the meals and it has been such a blessing to our local youth. Thank you, Jessica


Thank you!

Posted 11/30/2017 by Grace Youth of Grace Student Ministries

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have graciously given of your time and resources to help cook and serve meals for the youth group. It is one of the things the kids love about Wednesday nights. It has meant a lot to them and they really appreciate it. You made the past three months so successful. I have updated the calendar for 2018. Feel free to sign up or spread the word. With love, Jessica Cavanaugh Grace Youth - Meal Coordinator