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Tracy Bailey Reynolds

Tracy Bailey Reynolds

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Tracy is one of the kindest people I know. She’s had so much to deal with the past couple years. Two years ago she lost her mom and recently her biological father. She went to Maine to see him and spend time with him before he passed. The day after he passed she fell down a flight of stairs and fractured her T 12 vertebrae. She is in the hospital in Maine recovering from surgery. She is going to be off work for a long time, who knows how long at this point. Tracy is a private nurse who takes care of special needs patients. Tracy is always helping others and now it’s our turn to help her so she can focus on healing. She is not going to be able to work, cook, clean, etc for some time. She’s going need lots of support when she returns home to Jeffersonville. Hopefully that will be next week! Please sign up to bring a meal, make a donation or contact Tracy with an offer to support her in any way you can.


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