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Healing Dear friends and family, Our beloved nurse, firefighter, father, and friend, William Garcia (34) has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma. In August 2020, a sunspot on Will’s back developed into Melanoma, which traveled to his lymph nodes underneath his left arm in November. The lymph nodes were removed in late December 2020 and a PET Scan soon after showed no signs of cancer anywhere in his body and we all thought he was clear of cancer. Unfortunately, this was not the case. In mid-February 2021 he and his wife, Jessica, noticed his loss of appetite, fatigue, and felt that the tumor had returned. After getting it looked at through a biopsy and a CT scan, he was diagnosed with STAGE 4 Melanoma, and there are now spots of it showing on his spleen, liver, and lungs. The tumor now runs from under his left arm to his clavicle. With the Cancer rapidly traveling through his body, Will needs the best care and doctors there are. As you can imagine, the treatment for this has already caused immense physical, emotional, and financial strains on him and his family. Community outreach is incredibly helpful to raise awareness, raise funds, and keep William in good spirits as he battles this illness. It is a concrete way that his community can support William and his family. William was a promising D1 athlete in high school where he broke records in track and football, followed by excelling in football and rugby in college. Through his compassionate nature, he gained interest in firefighting and nursing, and has been a volunteer firefighter for 12 years. He saved a drowning 4 year- old whom he successfully resuscitated and saved. He is also currently following his dream to become a paid firefighter in New Jersey. Will graduated nursing school in 2016 and has been working at Newark Hospital as a Cardiothoracic ICU nurse. Those that know William describe him as being an indestructible ox, a real-life superman. But as life has now taught us, no one is safe from this fatal disease. William brings life into any room he is in and you can always find him helping anyone he can, as also shown in his career choices. He would do anything for anyone. He is a walking hero having saved many lives in his professional career - I think it’s time we save his. William is a father of 3; he has 2 sons and 1 daughter. Chelsea - 14 years old, Cayden - 12 years old, and Cole - 6 years old. His family is everything to him, and his kids having a life without him is not a thought that they can handle. They have so much growing up to do and no child should have to live without their father figure in their life. In the coming months, William will need to receive treatment and medicine from doctors who may not accept his insurance. As the main monetary contributor in his family, he will undoubtedly need support and care from his wife Jess, who will have to take time off without pay. The financial costs they are about to face are staggering, but that is hopefully where we can come in and make sure all they have to focus on is fighting the disease. We will not give up without a fight. If you can make a donation to help them, they will forever be grateful. Their children will grow up knowing the goodness in others, who gave their father a chance to continue fighting to be here for them. If you cannot donate, please share his story. Every little bit helps. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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