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On January 11, 2021, Crista was diagnosed with Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma and she will begin Radiation and Chemo treatments starting February 3rd and will continue for the next 6 months. The endless messages of love and prayers, flowers and gifts, offerings of support and "I am here to help", there are no words to describe how grateful and Blessed Crista is to have such wonderful people in her life! We'd like to use this forum as another way to provide love and support for Crista and her family. MealTrain allows you to sign up to provide meals and/or freezer meals for her and her family, help with the grocery shopping, arrange to help with housework/chores, maybe offer rides for her or the kids to school or an activity, donate money, etc. Anything we can do to help alleviate these everyday stressors, will allow Crista to maintain her strength, to fight this battle and WIN, let’s do it! Under "General Instructions", you should find all the info you need to help donate money, sign up for a meal, or donate a E-Card. This is very new to us all, so please keep an eye out for updates being made to the calendar as needs arise. Also you can follow Crista's Journey through:


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