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From our teacher, Ms. Minatta: "I want to reach out to our community in hopes that we can come together to support a family in our class these upcoming weeks. This child's mother underwent an invasive surgery prior to break to remove cancerous tumors, but the cancer has not metastasized and the doctors believe they got it all. The recovery process prevents much mobility, leaving all cooking and additional family tasks to the father. Over the next month or so, it would be amazing if you are able to cook a meal for this family to help take a task off of their plate (they enjoy anything except pork). If you would prefer to send something other than a meal, the family would also appreciate any love coming their way, a gift certificate for dinner (the school even sells these), snacks, flowers, and good thoughts! In hopes to respect this child and family's privacy, we are trying our best to keep it anonymous. If you would like to donate anything, feel free to drop it by the classroom and I will pass it along to the family. Thank you so much for your kindness, care, and support!

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