Meal Train for

Nathaniel Froemming Family

Nathaniel Froemming Family

About this Meal Train

Early Christmas morning Nathaiel's life was changed forever. Nathaniel was on his way home after spending Christmas Eve with his dad, at some point Nathaiel's father lost control of his truck. The truck hit multiple trees and brush before it came to a stop. Nathaniel took most of the impact from the trees and the final tree that stopped the truck. Both Nathaniel and his Dad had to be extracted by the Jaws of Life from the truck, Nathaniel was taken to children's hospital by flight for life with critical injuries. Nathaniel has undergone multiple surgeries since Christmas morning. One surgery was to attempt repair and reattach his right arm. It breaks my heart to say at 11 years old this boy has lost his right arm. Not only was he a great baseball player but also a great football player. Nathaniel will have to relearn how to do even the simplest of task like eating breakfast with one arm, this is hard for anyone let alone an 11 yr old boy whose dreams of playing sports has come to split second stop. Nathaniel will have to undergo intense therapy and will need a lot of help. This Meal Train is an effort to support the family as they all go through this. The goal is to allow them to focus on Nathaniel and take cooking off of their list of worries.

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