Raquel Jones & Family

About this Meal Train page

Raquel is one of our sweet mamas who joined Heritage Homeschool Group & our Enrichment Co-Op this past Fall. She is pregnant with a sweet baby girl, and has been recently admitted to the hospital, being diagnosed with preclampsia. She has to stay in the hospital, on bed rest, until baby arrives. Her husband, Gary, is taking care of their other 3 kiddos on his own, as they don't have any family in the area. Grandma will be arriving on Dec. 21st, but until then, any help would be greatly appreciated! If you feel led in your heart to help out with a meal/meals, please sign up for a day to drop off food, gift cards, freezer meals...any help would be greatly appreciated! * Drop-off anytime between 3:00 - 6:00pm works, but if you could text him at least 1 hour before arrival that would be awesome! Gary's cell: (510)355-2991 Gift Card Ideas: Red Robin, Chick-Fil-A, Olive Garden, BBQ,...and as Raquel told me, "truly anything from anywhere would be a tremendous help!"

Gift Cards