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Anne Arundel Medical Center AAMC COVID Observation Unit

Anne Arundel Medical Center AAMC COVID Observation Unit

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My family and I know first hand from our own recent tragedy, what a blessing it is when others care so much to provide a meal or help in some tangible way. In the spirit of paying this forward, I would like to ask others to consider helping to provide meals for one of the AAMC COVID Units medical staff. This is a great way to show these hard working medical professionals on the front lines of caring for our community how much we appreciate them!!! If we can make their job even just a little bit easier by having food available when they are able to take a break, it is a simple, tangible way that way we can help. And providing food from our local restaurants is also a great way to support these local businesses as well! How can you help??? Please consider providing a meal for the day shift or night shift from your immediate or extended family, or start a collection within your neighborhood, community group, friend group, church group, coworkers or any group you interact with, who may be looking for a way to show support to our local hospital staff. Another option is to make a monetary or gift card donation, available right here on the site, which we can use towards purchasing meals for them. If you are coordinating a meal, please sign up on the meal train calendar, order from a restaurant of your choice, and set up curbside pick up or delivery. Some local restaurants will deliver for you. Many restaurants offer specials on certain days of the week, or will provide a little bit of a cost break when ordering a large quantity, so please don't hesitate to reach out to your favorite restaurants directly to see what options or suggestions they may have available. If you are able to provide donations or collect donations from your group, but need help with meal suggestions, ordering or delivery, I am available to help in any way. Please feel free to contact me. Please continue to pass this along to others and encourage them to start their own group to come together to provide a meal, or multiple meals, so that we can keep this going! Thank you for sharing your time and resources to help!!! The staff is very appreciative!!! HELPFUL INFORMATION... 1) There are 25 medical staff on the day shift, and 25 on the night shift. 2) Any type of restaurant or store bought food can be provided for either shift...breakfast, lunch or dinner. No homemade meals can be brought in. Once you know what type of food you are bringing, please add it to the calendar. 3) Meals must now all be packaged individually - no large serving trays. 4 ) Meals can be brought in already heated or refrigerated...not frozen. They have a rotation of breaks at various times. They have a microwave for heating/reheating, and a refrigerator for storing meals or leftovers. 5) Please provide utensils, and plates if food is not in microwave safe containers 6) Beverages can be provided, but are not necessary. Bottles or cans are best. 7) Delivery Instructions are provided in the instructions below. Please use these if delivering yourself, or share them with the restaurant or delivery service. 8) Please schedule or deliver meals as close to the recommended time for each shift as possible, so they may plan accordingly. This is 11:30am for day shift and 7:30pm for night shift. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you! Gratefully, Shelley Terrelonge IMPORTANT DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS: Food deliveries for this department are taken to the NORTH ENTRANCE - ACUTE CARE PAVILION. Do NOT follow the signs to meal drop off. You want to go to the left instead. Enter the main hospital entrance from Jennifer Road and take an immediate left (opposite direction of the emergency area) onto Pavilion Parkway. Then continue straight to the North Entrance Pavilion. Pull up under the pavilion. There is a banner hanging on the entrance of the pavilion that reads North Entrance Pavilion. Upon arrival call 443-481-5531 and let them know you have a food delivery for the COVID Unit. Someone will come out with a cart to get the food. It may take a few minutes for someone to arrive. If no one answers the first number please call 443-481-5024 and let them know you are there with a food delivery for the COVID Unit. If you have any questions or concerns please call my cell phone at (817) 808-3061 - Shelley You may have a restaurant deliver, use a food delivery service or deliver the food yourself. Please adhere to the following guidelines: **All meals must now be individually packaged for the safety of all first responders. Please make sure the restaurant knows this. Thank you! 1) DO NOT DELIVER FOOD IF YOU OR ANYONE IN YOUR HOME IS NOT FEELING WELL 2) ALL FOOD MUST BE RESTAURANT/STORE BOUGHT - NO HOMEMADE ITEMS 3) WEAR A FACE MASK 4) USE EXTRA PRECAUTIONS WHEN PICKING UP AND DROPPING OFF FOOD 5) PULL UP, OPEN YOUR VEHICLE, AND ALLOW THEM TO GET THE FOOD ITEMS


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