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Hotel de Zink Guests

Hotel de Zink Guests

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The Hotel de Zink is rotating shelter for unhoused adults that comes to Saint Mark’s every year. This year, we are hosting our guests in August. Throughout the month, we will strive to make our guests feel like welcome and valued sisters and brothers. Each day, we provide a hot dinner, shelter for the night in our Hall, access to the St. Mark’s bathrooms. The guests are all enrolled in a program sponsored by Life Moves and arrive at St Mark’s at 5 PM and must leave at 7 AM. Many guests spend the day at the Opportunity Center where they have access to computers and counseling, breakfast and lunch. Some guests work. The hours that our guests stay at St. Mark’s are dictated by the Life Moves program who provide a staff member who stays with our guests overnight in the Hall. Other churches cover the other 11 months of the year.


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