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Hotel de Zink Guests


Host function cancelled as a COVID precaution/ chefs--food drop off or delivery only

Posted Aug 5, 2021 by Diane Guinta of St Mark’s HDZ

Dear Friends, We are cancelling the host function at Hotel de Zink, effective immediately. The guests and staff appreciate our welcome (and our great meals) but they are safer when they are exposed to fewer people. Therefore, the HOST FUNCTION IS CANCELLED for the month of August. Thank you to everyone who generously signed up for hosting. This change will also keep the potential hosts safer too. In addition, food should only be dropped off at or delivered to the table outside the kitchen on the courtyard side. Staff will organize and serve the food. If you do not want to walk into the courtyard, please just give a holler from your car and staff will come and unload your food. Remember, no containers will be returned to you. Please deliver your dinner at ~5:45 to 6 PM. We hope that next year, we will be able to be more in community with our guest and in the meantime, we can pray for their safety and comfort at St. Mark's. Blessings, Diane, Susan and Ellen. The HDZ team


HDZ Meal Train August 2021

Posted Jun 25, 2021 by Ellen Vanderwilt

HDZ meal requests have been updated in the Meal Train August 2021 calendar.


Thank you, Thank you!

Posted Sep 4, 2020 by Diane Guinta of St Mark’s HDZ

Dear St. Mark's Friends, It is not easy to host HDZ in a pandemic and a heat wave, with fires, but we did it. We provided 496 meals, 320 breakfast and lunch snacks, uplifting notes and messages, home-sewn masks, a welcome banner (by our Youth) and colored pencils and beautiful coloring books. And we offered so many prayers fro our guests. Life Moves (LM) thanks us for our warm hospitality and generosity. The guests said our church grounds were beautiful and tranquil and allowed them to rest under such trying conditions. And our dinners, they said, were diverse, health and completely amazing. Bravo, dear friends, thank you for this great month of grace and blessings. And a special thank you to Ellen Vanderwilt and Susan Dansker, my co-HDZ team members, for being such great partners. Thanks to Nikky for her help in her very first HDZ month, solo in a pandemic and in Matt's sabbatical absence! And thank you to Matt and Nikky for their kindness to our guests and the LM staff. With love and prayers, Diane (for the HDZ team)