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On April 17th, the Farrar family lost their precious 17 weeks old baby boy. This was shared by Bridget, "We don’t understand why or how it happened, but it was tragic and ended with us in the hospital as I (Bridget) had severe complications from losing him. I am currently in the hospital and have moved pass the worst of my current health scares. While there is nothing anyone can offer to ease this chasm of sadness and loss we are having. Please if your reading this, do not have your feelings hurt that this is how you are finding out. With how I grieve there are three things you can do: 1. Please do not text, message, or say anything in person. When people ask to hug me, ask if I’m ok, or say they are so sorry it really brings on the tears. After a period of healing I will return to work and truly what I need most is the joyful things that are happening in your life. Comment under here if you feel compelled to say something, that’s a way I can handle messages and not be overwhelmed by my phone or social media messages. 2. Please pray for us and our family. Pray for the wisdom to teach our children why a baby isn’t growing in mamas tummy anymore. Pray for our kids to understand. Pray for the wounds in our hearts and bodies can be healed. Pray for Vin and I and our marriage. This is so much to understand. 3. So many wonderful people want to do something for us. At this time for us the best way to navigate this is for our amazing and wonderful team at Slainte to field those ideas. I will need to let my body physically heal and so I will need to be home for an undetermined time. The short story is on Friday I experienced some bleeding. I felt him kick. Nothing shocking. Just chalked it up to too much activity. Saturday was good, I was feeling bad, a little crampy off and on, but nothing major. I took a bath after the kids went to sleep and when I got out I had my first gush of blood. It wasn’t crazy but was bright red. Still not concerned too much maybe I had a placental shift or subchorionic hemorrhage. Trusting God, I laid down. That’s when it began. At around 10:30 Saturday night. We passed and worked through a lot of tissue hoping it would be what needs to come out and baby was ok. This was not the case. After hours of labor baby came. Then I kept having cramps and lost a lot of blood. This is when my sister called 911. I passed out twice and really scared everyone. Firefighters came and took me to the hospital where my blood pressure was very low and I had retained placenta. I had to have surgery and had a D&C to help save my blood pressure. I had to receive donor blood. It’s been hard and scary, but we are ok and have Gods peace. His name is Issac."

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