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Meal Train Plus for

Methodist Health Employees- Henderson

Methodist Health Employees- Henderson

About this Meal Train Plus

The goal of this Meal Train is to provide meals for Methodist Health staff as they work tirelessly to protect our community from COVID-19. We would like to provide meals for: 1) ICU Staff, 2) ER Staff and the 3) COVID staff for both shifts (AM shift: 7am-7pm & PM shift: 7pm-7am). These departments are located in different areas of hospital and are not able to share the meals so ultimately, our goal is to deliver 3 separate meals for each shift (1 for each unit) and label each one to make it easy for them to know where it goes. If you are only able to provide one meal, that's great too! They will greatly appreciate anything they can get and this will be one less thing they have to worry about during this busy time! Please consider supporting however you can! Scroll down to see and sign up for available time slots to donate meals. Thank you all in advance!! *PLEASE read ALL instructions before committing to providing a meal(s). These important instructions will allow us to feed staff in a way that is safe and that allows for social distancing.* *There is also an option to make financial donations to the Meal Train; if you would like to make a donation, this money will be used to provide meals to the workers and we will handle the ordering and delivering of the meals to the hospital *If you would like to provide a meal for a unit(s) not listed, please message us and we can create a slot and make it happen.


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