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The Suau Family

The Suau Family

About this Meal Train Plus

Let's make some meals for this Family!! It takes a village they say, and this village can provide food! Let's help by making dinner time a breeze and give the Suau's a break from cooking to focus on spending time together. There will be a red and a blue cooler for hot and cold food items on the porch to make drop offs convenient for preparers and less intrusive for the family if they need some quiet time from visitors. Please also note the donation option for those of us that live too far to drop off, we can help by treating the family to order their favorite take-out. ****NO RED DYE in any meals please. As many of us know, Christine and Owen have some strict diet restrictions. I will list them below, however please do not let this deter you from making your favorites, as the rest of the family does not have restrictions and preparing a meal for them is a big help. ***just please be sure to mark meals as non- allergy safe if you include restricted ingredients! Diet restrictions: ****NO RED DYE in any meals please. no dairy, soy, gluten, garlic, onions, butter, or nuts (substitute with red Earth Butter- the red package ONLY). also no fish.


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GOAL $5,000
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