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Kayleigh Arambula and Family

About this Meal Train

Shortly after Christmas 2018, Kayleigh's mother Rockie received the devastating news that she had stage four brain cancer. Rockie underwent brain surgery in January, but sadly passed away on May 10th. Kayleigh was an amazing caregiver to her mother these last several months and worked tirelessly and selflessly to keep her mother as comfortable as possible. As most of you know, Rockie herself was a selfless woman who provided endless amounts of guidance and healing energy to the many people who frequented her store, Moonfyre Metaphysical in Downtown Campbell for 16 years. Please consider signing up for meals for Kayleigh, her boyfriend Kyle, and Kayleigh's grandmother, Sylvia as they navigate the next few months grieving and getting Rockie's affairs in order. Rockie's son Patrick does not live with the family currently, but I would like to include him in the count as well as he does live nearby and Kayleigh can arrange for him to come over for dinner. We have a GoFundMe account set up as well, all donations are for helping to pay for Rockie's medical bills, final expenses and for general household purchases. Thank you!

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