View/Manage the Participant List

On the Calendar Tab, click on  View/Email All Participants (on left-hand side of desktop or near top on mobile).  This will display anyone who has: 

  1. Booked a date
  2. Made a cash donation (if active)
  3. Viewed the Meal Train page while signed in
  4. Was invited using the Invitation Tool.  (It will not include those invited via Facebook/Twitter/Text/Yahoo/Gmail as those are all outside of

The organizer and the recipient are able to see:
1) Their name if the person has a account OR a truncated version of their email address if they do not have an account
2) email addresses.
Note: General participants will only see a name or truncated email address (They will not see complete email addresses)

Manage the Participant List (you must be signed in as the organizer or recipient):

  1. Incorrect Email (typo) on the Participant list: It is not possible to edit incorrect email addresses.  It must be removed and then the correct email address must be invited.  To remove names from the participant list, click on "View/Email all participants" where you can delete that name by selecting the Trash Can button.  Then, invite the correct email address though the Invite Others button found at the bottom of the pop up window or on the main Calendar tab.
  2. Address Book: It is not advisable to add email addresses to a participant list in an attempt to update your recurring address book between events.  Your best option is to track new participants on a list outside of  To do so, open a new Word document and build and save your invitation list here (emails separated by a comma).  Then, when you have a new page, you can paste it into the Invite Others feature below.
  3. First and Last Names: It is not possible to add first and last names to the participant list.  First and last names are shown only if someone has an account with or you have booked the date on their behalf.
  4. Note: If you are trying to fix an incorrect email address or name on a date you booked for someone else,  please send a request to Meal Train Support via the contact form or with the name and the email address of the giver and we will correct it for you.
  5. Export: To export the list of email addresses on the participant list, open the participant list and do a copy/paste function into a different document.
  6. Thank You Notes and Sent Emails: does not save sent emails. Unfortunately, we do not know who you sent thank you cards to. 😉

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