Invitations Options (ALL)

While viewing the Meal Train page, click the Share button.  Pro tip: We recommend using multiple methods to increase participation.
  1. Post to Facebook:  (see Related Article below)
  2. Email: This will open your device's linked email client (Gmail, Yahoo, work, etc.). To email from within, see the linked recommended article below.
  3. Message: Text message (only on compatible devices)
  4. Tweet
  5. Print Flyer: Create a QR enabled poster to display at work, church or school
  6. All Options: On compatible devices you will find AirDrop, Text, Email and any apps downloaded to your device like Instagram, Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, etc.  (see Related Article below)
  7. Copy and Paste: Use this link to share in any creative way you like
  8. Invitation Tool: Invite from a past participant list or add emails directly to your Meal Train page.  (see Related Article below)

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