Sample Meal Train® page (mobile)

Pro tip: The above example is the page when viewed by an Organizer or the Recipient.  General participants will not see certain sections as noted below.  Most sections can be edited at any time using the Make Changes (#14) button.

  1. Photo*: Adding a photos leads to greater participation.  (Added after reaching Meal Train page set up confirmation page)
  2. Click between the Calendar, Updates, and Donation Fund
  3. Information: Delivery address, time, meal preferences.
  4. Participant List/Email All
  5. Invite/Share
  6. About this Meal Train page*: A place to share why this Meal Train page is being organized.  Include the recipient email address here to help with gift card giving. (Added after reaching Meal Train page set up confirmation page)
  7. Donation Fund
  8. Gift Card options
  9. View Special Instructions
  10. View Past Dates
  11. Available and booked dates
  12. Make Changes to a Booked date
  13. Post an Update: Your friends want to hear from you.
  14. Make Changes: If you have signed in with the correct account, click the Make Changes button while viewing your Meal Train page. 

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