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What is a Meal Train?

A Meal Train® page is the perfect way to organize meal giving around significant life events like a birth, surgery, or illness. Just go to and click the Get Started button. You can set up a FREE Meal Train page for a friend or for yourself. See a sample Meal Train page below.

Are there fees to organize a Meal Train page? (No, it's free)

A Meal Train classic page, which allows for one volunteer per day, is FREE to organize. We do have a paid upgrade option for other organizing needs.

Can I set up more than one Meal Train page? (Yes!)

Each recipient should have their own Meal Train page. However, you can create pages in support of as many people as needed, all from your same sign-in account.

Tip: You can reuse past participant lists on future Meal Train pages. See the related articles below.

Can I set up a Meal Train® page for someone who doesn't have an email address? (Yes!)

Just enter your email address as the recipient and all communication normally sent to the recipient will go to you and you can call them to let them know.

Can I have a Meal Train page with only donations and gift cards? (Yes!)

Here are the steps:

  1. Set up a Meal Train page as your normally would but do not make any dates available on the Calendar.
  2. During the Meal Train page set up, there is a step to activate a Donation Fund.
  3. Gift card purchase options are part of every Meal Train page.
  4. After you confirm the set up, in the Meal Train Story section, include specifics about why the Meal Train page is organized, the fact that there are no dates, and include the email address where gift cards should be sent.
  5. You can still post regular updates in the Updates section.
  6. If in the future, home cooked meals are helpful, you can add dates to the Meal Train page.

Who makes the meals? (Your friends and family) hopes to help everyone we can but please be aware that does not make the meals or arrange for delivery. We are an online organizational website that helps organize meals and support "for friends, from friends" around significant life events. The people who are invited to participate usually make and deliver the meal or arrange for delivery. The calendar helps prevent multiple people from showing up on the same day or with the same meal.

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