Add or remove dates on a Meal Train or Meal Train Plus page

Meal Train page: Add or remove dates

Single click the desired date and repeat for all desired dates. If you need to advance a month, you can do so by clicking on the Next Month button in the right hand corner of the calendar.

Meal Train add or remove dates

Meal Train page: Remove booked dates

While viewing the Meal Train page as an organizer or recipient, go to the Calendar tab. In the list view, next to each person's name, you can click the "make changes" button.

  1. The Delete button will remove the booked individual AND the date from the calendar.
  2. The Cancel Booking button will only remove the individual from the date but leave the date on the calendar for others to sign up for.

Meal Train add or remove booked dates

Meal Train Plus page: Add dates 

(If possible, we recommend Meal Train Plus edits be done on desktop)

  1. Click on the date you would like to add an activity. 
  2. Select a Category
  3. Select all the dates this activity is needed. Click Save. You can navigate to additional months using the Prev and Next month buttons.
  4. Repeat for all additional activities you would like to add to the calendar.
  5. Meal Train Plus add or remove dates

    Desktop Example:

Meal Train Plus add dates desktop

Meal Train Plus: Remove or edit item:

Open the Meal Train page and click the  Make Changes* button followed by the Edit Calendar button. 

  1. Click on Edit Calendar. Booked items display in Blue and unbooked items display in Green
  2. Click on the item no longer needed 
    1. Click the Cancel Booking button to remove the volunteer but leave the date on the calendar for others to book.  
    2. Click the Delete button to remove the date and the volunteer
  3. Each item will need to be deleted individually.

Meal Train Plus remove dates

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