Potluck FAQ

You must be signed in to as the organizer to see the Make Changes button.
  1. To edit the items list, click the Edit Items List button.
  2. To add a row to an existing category, click the + Add Row button. To remove a row, click the red Remove row button.
  3. To add a new category, Click the +Add Category button and then add a category, the number of items needed and any notes related the activity. Then click the Save Changes button and repeat for additional activities.
  4. To change to order the categories display, use the up or down arrows

Pro Tip: It is not currently possible to remove a category completely. However, removing all rows will prevent it from showing on the Potluck

  1. To edit the details (event name, address, time etc.), click the Edit Event Details
  2. To edit the participant list, click the Manage Participants button.
  3. To edit the organizer role, click the Manage Organizers button.
  4. To add a photo, click the Add a photo button.
  5. To cancel the Potluck, click the Delete this potluck

Repeating Potlucks:

Option 1: Copy a Potluck

After organizing a Potluck, you can copy that Potluck details to a new date. From the Make Changes menu, click the Copy this Potluck button. Once confirmed, you will need to specify who you would like to invite to this new Potluck.

Ideal because:

  • you can reuse a past participant list.
  • it's easy to set up.


The unique web address assigned to each potluck will be different from week to week. Thus, you may want to wait for the completion of one potluck (and deactivate it) before inviting to the second Potluck to limit participant confusion.

Option 2: Repeating Potluck with the same unique web address and Participant List

If you want to have a repeating potluck event, you would use Meal Train Plus. To do this, let's say your event is every Wednesday for one month. When you are setting up the Meal Train Plus, if you need 4 main dishes, you would create a task called Main Dish 1, then add it to each of the Wednesdays of the month. Then, repeat for the three additional main dishes and for all other items you need for your recurring Potluck.

Ideal because:

  • the unique link stays the same from week to week.
  • you can use the Email Participants button to let people know to sign up from week to week.
  • you can have multiple organizers listed (you would list your email address as the recipient).


More difficult to organize if you have many items needed each date.

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