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How do I find a meal train?

To be included, have the organizer, recipient, or a participant send you the unique web address that links to the specific Meal Train (see example) either from within, via their personal email, or through Facebook. (To protect privacy, Meal Trains are not searchable.)


Once you receive the unique web address, click it or copy and paste it in the browser bar. You will be directed to your friend's Meal Train where you can see a list of needs and dates available. To participate, click on the 'Volunteer For This' button next to a preferred date/activity and follow the instructions.

I am an organizer/recipient, how do I make a change to the meal train?

You must be signed in as the Organizer or the Recipient of the Meal Train. This means that the email address you sign in with must match either the email address of the Organizer or the email address of the Recipient.

Once signed in, the Organizer or Recipient can open the Meal Train and click the Make Changes button.

I have a question about the donation fund/gift cards

How do I edit a booked date or my profile?

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