Edit a Meal Train page

You must be signed in to as the organizer or the recipient to see the Edit Page button. Not seeing the button? See tips at the bottom of this article.

Example Mobile:

Example Desktop:

Still not seeing the Edit Page button?

Our best guess is that you are either not signed in or are signed in with an email that does not match what is listed on the Meal Train page.

  • The email address used to log in to  must exactly match the email address listed as the organizer or recipient.
  • Try signing out and back in. To sign out, click your name or person icon in the upper right hand corner 
  • If you are the recipient, contact the organizer (click the envelope icon next to their name) and ask them to confirm the email they listed as the recipient.
  • If you originally signed in using Facebook Connect or Sign in with Google buttons, make sure you use those again.
  • If you have multiple emails registered with, try a different email.

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