Why You Should Say YES to Meal Train®

Recipients tell us that saying yes to a Meal Train is sometimes hard, but they don't regret it.

Have you ever said "How can I help?" to a friend in need?

It’s pretty likely that at some point, you or someone close to you has either heard or said these words in a time of need. Perhaps there were certain things that would’ve been helpful, but they were dismissed. "Thanks, but we're fine." No one likes to ask for help, so when someone starts a Meal Train page, it lifts that burden, and all the recipient has to do is say "YES."

Saying YES can be freeing

We want to show the world we are strong and resilient, so we turn down offers of support. We naturally don’t want to burden someone else. But during a life event that takes you away from your regular routine, it would be a relief knowing there’s one less thing you need to think about. By opening the door and accepting support, you can redirect your strength and resilience into what needs your attention most during this time, which others probably can’t help you with. Everyday tasks like cooking, walking the dog, or grocery shopping are exactly the kind of thing others can do for you so you can devote your energy to the more pressing issues at hand. This is what a Meal Train is all about.

As the recipient, you only need to communicate with one person (the organizer) who will then tailor your Meal Train page to your specific needs and suggestions. The organizer can even include more sensitive instructions on your page, such as visiting (or no visiting) requests and food preferences.

Friends WANT to help

People participate in Meal Trains because they want to help. Think about when you've wanted to help someone who's facing a challenge. It’s so much easier knowing how you can support them, rather than wondering if you can. Your friends and family genuinely want to know how to share the burden you’re carrying. Being told honestly that a warm meal at your doorstep would be most welcomed is what people are actually hoping to hear. Those who care about you can’t go through the experience for you, but they can show love and support with a comforting meal. A Meal Train can provide gentle direction for your friends and family who want to carry you through this time in a meaningful, non-invasive way.

A cycle of good will

When you say YES to receiving the support of a Meal Train, it completes a cycle of trust and good will with your community of friends and family. Reframe the feelings of being too proud to accept help to feeling proud that you have a group of people who want to help. It’s OK to say YES and let others show they care.