Simplify Thanksgiving with a Meal Train Potluck

Potluck-style gatherings make sure everyone's involved.

There’s an old song that’s played around this time of year about appreciating the simple gifts around us. What better gift is there than a gathering of friends, family, or both!

You can probably picture it now: people arriving from near and far, helpers bustling in the kitchen, and others watching the game, (im)patiently waiting for everything to be ready. With all the excitement and activity, the day needs to run smoothly and all the details need to be covered. And the best way to simplify a big event that centers around food and people is to share the effort.

Some people spend weeks planning and prepping for Thanksgiving, but organizing the meal with a potluck can free everyone up for mingling so no one person is stuck in the kitchen.

Whether you have 4 people or 40, guests like to have an assignment, especially for a complicated event like Thanksgiving. A potluck eliminates guesswork so the host doesn’t have to answer all of the “What can I bring?” emails, and guests will feel confident that they have some choice and can bring something the host really needs. It’s a clear and easy way to organize the meal so there aren’t 10 onion dips and no stuffing.

An event that focuses so heavily on the food can be intimidating for guests who might not feel comfortable in the kitchen. A great potluck includes non-food items as options too, such as paper plates, napkins, or beverages. Consider other ideas like extra folding chairs, a craft for the kids, or dish duty. Get creative! Because with a potluck, there can be something for everyone.

With a Thanksgiving potluck in place, all that’s left to do is enjoy the party. Whether you’re the host or a guest this year, setting things up with a Meal Train Potluck is a simple gift that will become one of your favorite traditions.