5 One-Dish Wonders

These 5 meals are easy to transport and even easier to enjoy!

Whether you call it casserole or hotdish, these one-dish dinners are perfect to make for a Meal Train delivery. Filled with hearty, healthy ingredients, they’re easy to prepare, bake, and transport. Plus, the recipient can freeze any leftovers!

Here are a few of our favorite one-dish meals. If you have a favorite, we’d love to hear about it! #MealTrain

Shepherd’s Pie

A classic you can tailor to suit any taste buds. Use plant-based protein or ground turkey, or substitute hash browns or tater tots for the mashed potatoes to save a step! See the recipe.

Baked Sausages and Herbed Beans

A more sophisticated twist on beans and franks - healthier but just as easy! See the recipe.

Chicken Pot Pie

Few meals are more comforting than a chicken pot pie. See the recipe.

Chicken Tetrazzini

There are so many versions of this dish! It’s easy to swap out ingredients - it’s delicious no matter what. See the recipe.

Enchilada Rice

This can be easily adapted for vegetarians or omnivores. Add ground beef or shredded chicken for meat eaters, or an extra scoop of beans for vegetarians. See the recipe.

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