10 Ways to Involve Kids in Meal Train

Involving kids in Meal Train makes them compassionate citizens and provides teachable moments.

There are many benefits in letting kids help out in the kitchen. When you include children in preparing and delivering a meal to a friend in need, they not only learn their way around the kitchen, they have fun while absorbing a message about empathy, values, and time spent together.

You might think it will be faster or easier to prepare your Meal Train delivery without any “extra helpers'' underfoot. But there’s a lot that little hands of all ages can do to help:

  • wash veggies
  • tear lettuce for a salad
  • grate cheese
  • sprinkle spices
  • wrap food items
  • pack up the meal

Kids are also great at adding special touches to your delivery. Tap into their creative side to:

  • Draw or create a label for the food, including pictures of some of the ingredients
  • Make a thoughtful card for the recipient
  • Put stickers on the delivery bag
  • Pick wildflowers for a small, sweet bouquet

Then spark excitement and anticipation by offering them the most important job of delivering the meal to the doorstep.

Involving children in preparing and delivering a meal for a friend or family member models empathy and provides opportunities for insightful conversation during prep and after. Listen to their suggestions for what to make and have a conversation about how you’re helping others.

  • Gram is on crutches right now so we are going to bring her dinner!
  • What should we make?
  • What do you think she’ll say when she tastes it?
  • Should we include anything else to go with the chicken?
  • How do you think she will feel when she sees this yummy meal on her doorstep?

This kind of experience gives kids ownership of helping perform a good deed, and it’s a great way to show that a team effort in the kitchen can also be a lot of fun! They’ll want to tell everyone they know about how they helped with the Meal Train. Those warm fuzzies will feel good for a long time.

Signing up on a friend’s Meal Train page is a way to show you care with a delicious, comforting meal. Involving kids in the process gives them a rewarding feeling and demonstrates that our friends, neighbors, and communities do have ways to come together and help each other. It’s a message kids will receive loud and clear, and will give them a feeling of empowerment for the future.