Two Heads ARE Better than One

There's no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to keeping a Meal Train organized. Find out why you should add a second organizer.

Did you recently start a Meal Train page for a friend or family member? One of the best ways to take your organizing effort to the next level is to have more people help keep it organized. Having a secondary organizer on board can ensure that the recipient receives all the support they require in their time of need. Here are the benefits of adding multiple organizers to your Meal Train page.

Who Is a secondary organizer?

  • The recipient’s spouse or partner
  • A close friend or colleague
  • Another family member of the recipient

When you add an additional organizer, they will automatically start receiving email notifications about date sign ups, donations, and cancellations. They will also have the ability to edit the calendar should something come up. And most importantly, they can post to the Updates page to keep everyone in the information loop.

Why add a secondary organizer?

If you’re wondering whether you need a secondary organizer, here’s why you may want to consider it.

To make updates

A secondary organizer can add updates on the Meal Train page. Depending on the situation, these updates could include medical updates if the recipient underwent surgery or birth information if the recipient has a new baby.

To receive notifications

When you add a secondary organizer, they’ll receive email notifications about date sign ups, donations, cancellations, and reminder emails. This way, they can help manage the calendar, adding dates as needed and keeping the recipient updated on the day to day changes.

To invite participants

When you add a secondary organizer, you widen the network of people participating in the Meal Train page. For example, if the primary organizer is someone from the recipient’s church but the secondary organizer is someone from the recipient’s close friend group, then you are hitting two different circles of people. You may be able to double the number of people who are bringing meals and meeting an individual’s or family’s needs.

To provide additional security and communication

An additional organizer can help if the primary organizer cannot be reached for any reason. They can also help validate an email address or set up donations on behalf of the recipient. Having the added security of another organizer brings peace of mind.

To ensure success

Meal Trains are a great resource for any individual or family in need, and while they almost run themselves, this is a time when having “ more cooks in the kitchen” can be helpful. There are a lot of details involved in making a Meal Train work. Instead of a single person taking that on, spread the responsibility between two or more people to make it easier for everyone.