How to Write Heartfelt Meal Train Thank Yous

Tips for showing genuine gratitude in a Meal Train thank you note.

If you’ve recently been the recipient of a Meal Train®, you’re probably gushing with gratitude. Your community stepped up at a vulnerable point in your life. What can you do to repay them?

Likely nothing. Your friends and family were happy to be there when you needed a meal because they knew you’d do the same for them. This isn’t the type of act that needs repaying, but you can recognize their efforts with a heartfelt thank you. Here’s how to pen notes to each participant on your Meal Train.

Anatomy of a Meal Train Thank You

A lot of people aren’t sure how to write a thank you note even though this is a lifelong skill. While you’ll need to personalize each note you write, you can keep this basic structure for each.


Your salutation is the greeting for your card. Most of us have been taught to address recipients in cards using “Dear.” The name you use to address them after that will depend on how formal or informal your relationship is.

Expression of thanks

Get right to the point and let them know how thankful you were for your Meal Train meal. Here are a few examples of what you could say:

  • “Thank you so much for bringing my favorite dish while I was recovering from my C-section.”
  • “I so appreciated your kindness in bringing a meal last week. Thank you for thinking of me.”
  • “You have no idea what a blessing it was to eat so well while I was mourning my mom. Thank you so much — she would have loved knowing I had such a great friend taking care of me.”

Specific meal detail or two

Mention something specific about their meal if possible. This lets the person know that you remember the effort they put into their service. Here are a couple of examples.

  • “The chicken and rice were absolutely delicious. I’d love to steal the recipe because my husband hasn’t stopped raving about it.”
  • “How did you know that Chipotle was a family favorite? My kids have asked every night if you could bring food over again…I’m not sure they’ve ever loved me as much as you!”

Look ahead

If you anticipate seeing this person soon, write a line about this future meeting. It’s often a good way to tie off the card. However, it may not apply in every scenario.

  • “I can’t wait to see you at church in the coming weeks!”
  • “I’d love to have you over to see the new baby in the next month!”

Warm sign off

End your card with gratitude because that’s why you’re writing the note in the first place.

  • “Thanks again for thinking of me and my family!”
  • “We’re so grateful for your generosity.”

Sign off with “With love,” “Warmly,” or “Best” — whichever is most fitting.

How to Send a Meal Train Thank You Note

The way you send the Thank You note is up to you. Your method will likely depend on how many notes you are sending and whether you want to send them through the mail or digitally. Here are a few different methods.

If you select the Meal Train email tool, you can send a single email to each participant. This is a great option if you’re feeling burdened by writing thank you notes.