5 Go-to Vegetarian Meal Train Recipes

Vegetarian meals are good for both the body and soul.

Vegetarian recipes pack a lot of nutritional punch! It feels good to prepare a dish you know will be good for both body and soul. Remember, you can modify most vegetarian recipes for vegan eaters by substituting plant-based protein and dairy products.

These are just a handful of our favorite vegetarian recipes to make when you’re participating on a Meal Train page. What are yours? #MealTrain

Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Delicious, nutritious, and adaptable! Use regular russet potatoes if you prefer. See the recipe


It only looks and sounds fancy! Throw in any leftover veggies and cheese for a different flavor each time you make it. See the recipe.


Include pita bread and a quick tahini or yogurt sauce for some Mediterranean flair. See the recipe.

Stuffed Peppers

Savory and satisfying, this recipe is easy to prepare and transport. See the recipe.

Black Bean Enchiladas

Filling and freezer friendly! See the recipe.

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