Simplify Summer Parties with Meal Train Potluck

No matter what you’re celebrating, share the effort with a Meal Train Potluck.

Ah, summer! The windows fly open, the hammock comes out, and the grill finally gets some attention again. Plans for barbecues and long weekends pepper the calendar and our thoughts naturally turn to the food. Summer gatherings are casual and easy because they’re usually a group effort. No matter what you’re celebrating, sharing the effort with a potluck keeps things organized so everyone can enjoy the party and no one is stuck in the hot kitchen.

Why do potlucks work so well for summer shindigs?

They’re versatile

Reunions, cookouts, and long holiday weekends are all great occasions for a summer potluck. With people coming from near and far, it’s the easiest way to avoid the “What can I bring?” questions. Any meal, any time of day works well with a group effort. And whether you’re celebrating with family or meeting for a work picnic, the event is much easier when it’s organized.

Everyone participates and contributes

When you’re invited somewhere it’s the norm to offer to bring something to help the host, and we all want to make sure we’re contributing something helpful. And no one wants Uncle Fred to be stuck at the grill the whole time. With a potluck, you can make sure everyone gets an assignment, even if they’re not the best cook. There are plenty of items non-cooks can help with -- someone can make the playlist, someone else can bring the frisbees or the camp chairs. Get creative!

They’re good for mingling

When everyone contributes to the party, each person shares a piece of themselves. There’s an automatic conversation starter whether it’s a recipe, a part of your culture, or some creative inspiration for the group. Introduce yourself over your grandma’s blue-ribbon potato salad. Break the ice over how many zucchini you grew in your garden (and maybe leave a few for door prizes!)

Summer potlucks mean everyone chips in and everyone gets to enjoy the food and fun. Plus, everyone takes home their own dirty dishes! So grab your plate! Whether you’re ushering in or seeing off summer, a potluck brings everyone together, one dish (or frisbee) at a time. Start one today here.