5 Set it and Forget it Meal Train Recipes

Slow cookers make meals perfect for a Meal Train delivery.

A slow cooker can make anything from a large roast to cinnamon rolls and everything in between. It’s the classic “set it and forget it” tool, which makes these meals perfect for a Meal Train delivery.

Just about any recipe can be adapted for a slow cooker, but here are some of our favorites.


You might want to make an extra batch of this to keep for yourself! Deliver the other batch to your friend with a side of pasta or polenta. See the recipe.


Southern comfort at its finest. Substitute brown rice for added nutrients. See the recipe.

Butter Chicken

Sumptuous and satisfying! Include some naan to soak up the saucy goodness. See the recipe.

Pulled Pork Sammies

With some rolls, coleslaw, and chips, this recipe uses pantry staples for a memorable meal. See the recipe.

Beef and Barley

This is both a soup and a stew. It’s rich, filling, and comforting. See the recipe.

Let us know some of your favorite slow cooker meals. #MealTrain

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