Eliminate Unknowns with a Meal Train Label

Kick up the class with our printable label.

The goal of Meal Train is to make hot and fresh meals as accessible as possible to recipients. They know something good is coming, and our printable label adds a special, thoughtful touch to make things even easier and eliminate the guesswork.

Great Meal Train meals arrive almost entirely preassembled. There might be a few finishing touches to make it feel like the recipient prepared it themselves.  Does the dish need to be warmed up for a few minutes or served cold?  Is the sauce for the salad or the beans?  

These instructions can be clearly listed on the label.

The label is also a great way to include a list of ingredients in the meal in case of allergies or dietary restrictions listed on the Meal Train page.  Listing the ingredients on the label is extra helpful in case they need to be very specific about the foods they eat during this time.  Knowing those details have been considered will bring them peace of mind. Also, a quick note like “I left out the hot sauce for you!” will let the recipient know you were thoughtful of their requests.

The label is a little detail that will go a long way.  By providing helpful instructions and other information about your meal delivery, the recipient will be able to enjoy it as you intended.

Find an printable label here.